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Audits & Inspection Reports

2016 Inspections

Admin Investigations

BI2016-0011   Admin Investigations​​
BI2016-0028   Admin Investigations​​
BI2016-0038   Admin Investigations
BI2016-0055   Admin Investigations

Contingency Funds Inspection

BI2016-0016   Contingency Funds Inspection​​
BI2016-0030   Contingency Funds Inspection
BI2016-0042   Contingency Funds Inspection
BI2016-0057   Contingency Funds Inspection
BI2016-0066   Contingency Funds Inspection

CAD / Alpha Paging (Monthly)

BI2016-0006   CAD / Alpha Paging​​

BI2016-0017   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0024   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0041   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0056   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0063   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0076   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0087   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0102   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0115   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0123   CAD / Alpha Paging

BI2016-0140   CAD / Alpha Paging

Facility and Property (Monthly)

BI2016-0008   Facility and Property

BI2016-0043   Facility and Property

BI2016-0046   Facility and Property

BI2016-0073   Facility and Property

BI2016-0084   Facility and Property

BI2016-0098   Facility and Property

BI2016-0100   Facility and Property

BI2016-0126   Facility and Property

BI2016-0118   Facility and Property

BI2016-0131   Facility and Property

BI2016-0019   Facility and Property
BI2016-0033   Facility and Property
BI2016-0047   Facility and Property
BI2016-0116   Property and Evidence

2015/2016 Audits

Incident Reports (Quarterly)

BI2016-0059   Incident Reports Q1

BI2016-0085   Incident Reports Q2

BI2016-0110   Incident Reports Q3

BI2016-0144   Incident Reports Q4

Patrol Activity Log (Monthly)

BI2016-0146   Patrol Activity Log

BI2017-0008   Patrol Activity Log

Civilian Supervisor Notes (Monthly)

BI2016-0015   Civilian Supervisor Notes

BI2016-0025   Civilian Supervisor Notes

BI2016-0034   Civilian Supervisor Notes

BI2016-0048   Civilian Supervisor Notes

BI2016-0064   Civilian Supervisor Notes

BI2016-0077   Civilian Supervisor Notes

BI2016-0089   Civilian Supervisor Notes

BI2016-0104   Civilian Supervisor Notes

BI2016-0114   Civilian Supervisor Notes​

BI2016-0125   Civilian Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0139   Civilian Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0150   Civilian Supervisor Notes

County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions (Monthly)

BI2016-0010   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0022   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0037   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0058   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0068   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0082   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0092   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0105   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0120   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0128   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2016-0145   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions

BI2017-0009   County Attorney / Justice Court Dispositions 

Detention Bias-Free Reinforcement (Quarterly)

BI2016-0051   Detention Bias-Free Reinforcement Q1

BI2016-0090   Detention Bias-Free Reinforcement Q2

BI2016-0133   Detention Bias-Free Reinforcement Q3​

Detention Supervisor Notes (Monthly)

BI2016-0013   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0026   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0035   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0049   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0065   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0078   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0088   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0103   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0113   Detention Supervisor Notes​​
BI2016-0124   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0138   Detention Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0151   Detention Supervisor Notes

Employee Email (Monthly)

BI2016-0012   Employee Email​​

BI2016-0029   Employee Email​

BI2016-0039   Employee Email​

BI2016-0054   Employee Email​

BI2016-0062   Employee Email​

BI2016-0075   Employee Email​​

BI2016-0086   Employee Email​​

BI2016-0101   Employee Email​​

BI2016-0112   Employee Email​​

BI2016-0122   Employee Email​​

BI2016-0137   Employee Email​​

BI2016-0149   Employee Email​

Patrol Bias-Free Reinforcement (Quarterly)

BI2016-0074   Patrol Bias-Free Reinforcement Q1

BI2016-0067   Patrol Bias-Free Reinforcement Q2

BI2016-0143   Patrol Bias Free Reinforcement Q3​

Patrol Shift Roster (Monthly)

BI2016-0021   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0023   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0040   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0031   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0071   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0080   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0091   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0106   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0117   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0127   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2016-0147   Patrol Shift Roster
BI2017-0004   Patrol Shift Roster

Patrol Supervisor Notes (Monthly)

BI2016-0014   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0027   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0036   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0072   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0050   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0095   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0099   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0109   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0132   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0134   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2016-0142   Patrol Supervisor Notes
BI2017-0001   Patrol Supervisor Notes

Discussion of Traffic Stops (Monthly)

BI2016-0096   Discussion of Traffic Stops

BI2016-0107   Discussion of Traffic Stops

BI2016-0141   Discussion of Traffic Stops

BI2016-0135   Discussion of Traffic Stops

BI2016-0148   Discussion of Traffic Stops

BI2017-0006   Discussion of Traffic Stops

Review of Traffic Stops (Monthly)

BI2016-0097   Review of Traffic Stops​​
BI2016-0108   Review of Traffic Stops​​
BI2016-0121   Review of Traffic Stops​​
BI2016-0136   Review of Traffic Stops​​
BI2016-0154   Review of Traffic Stops​​
BI2017-0007   Review of Traffic Stops​​

Traffic Stop Data Collection (Monthly)

BI2016-0018   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0032   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0045   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0061   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0070   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0081   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0094   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0111   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0119   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0129   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2016-0155   Traffic Stop Data Collection

BI2017-0005   Traffic Stop Data Collection

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